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I purchased this book for my 9 year old grandson. His mother informed me that he got caught reading it it after lights out with a headset flashlight on in bed in the dark. Evidently the book is that good. He finished it after four evening reads and loved the story. If your child is into baseball, this book is a hit!

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How I got started writing baseball stories

I’ve covered a lot of different basketball and football players over my authoring career. Thus, it was natural that once I felt proud of the work I had done there, to shift gears and cover some of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game.

What I found about those champions were great similarities with the champions in other sports: tenacity, perseverance, and talent.

Just a few of the players I’ve covered:

Ken Griffey Jr.


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Shohei Ohtani


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Ichiro Suzuki


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