Basketball Leadership Books

An inspiring collection of basketball leadership books for fans of all ages

If you like basketball and someday dream of being a coach, this is a book for you!

– Wilma McDermott

Basketball Leadership Books

How I got started writing basketball leadership stories

After documenting the stories of many influential basketball players, I started a new series in 2017, documenting the coaching philosophies and leadership principles of some of basketball’s greatest coaches. I love watching how coaches mentor players on the sidelines and think there is a lot to learn from the different approaches of every coach.

It has been so much fun to learn the background stories of the league’s most elite coaches, and to write for my readers on different life lessons that you can take from understanding the approaches of each of these coaches. Hope you enjoy this series and are inspired to maybe coach your own team one day!

Just a few of the players I’ve covered:

Gregg Popovich


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