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Once again, Clayton Geoffreys proves himself to be the ‘Cliff Notes’ of common sense.

His books are perfect for the layman, as he writes in an easily understood manner […] As this book points to successful ways of thinking, it should be a book that all advanced elementary school children, and up, should read.

[…] With books such as this, people may advance their way of thinking to that of the successful, and so, may learn to become successful in their lives.

– Shiroi Tora

How I got started writing life books

To be completely honest with you, I don’t know what else to call this section of my books. Sometimes I simply am inspired to write on a particular topic, but that topic has little or nothing to do with what I typically write about.

I think though that that’s what makes writing so beautiful and life so wonderful. Hopefully from reading what I’m calling my “life books”, you’ll feel the same way.

Just a few of the players I’ve covered:

Becoming a Father: First 3 Months


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Becoming a Father: 4-6 Months


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33 Life Lessons


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How to be Witty


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